Our Mission
Our efforts will continue to achieve the highest level of performance in our business. These efforts will include good stewardship of our nations rivers and waterways. Our goal will always be zero in the addressing of ecological and environmental impacts. Improving knowledge of all regulations and adherence to same is a singular assignment of all employees. Providing both a physically and environmentally safe work place for all our employees with a goal of zero incidents or injuries continuing as our objective.

Utilizing our proven resources and practices combined with a totally committed Safety Program will enable us to meet any and all customer needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

All rules, law and regulations, both State and federal are and will be continuously researched by Devall. Adherence and Compliance addressing each rule, law and regulation will continue as part of required ongoing education for all personnel. Refresher training as part of the AWO Responsible Carrier Program shall continue monthly. Devall Towing's efforts in regards to all Regulations remain pro-active. Training and Implementation of all new regulations are always prioritized. Our goal remains zero in reference to all Environmental incidents.

The personal well being of all Devall employees is the highest priority of Management. All boat Captains are empowered as Management and are expected to analyze each action their crew is engaged in from a Safe Work Practice view. Safe Work Practice training will be provided by management on a routine basis. All employees are expected to adhere to Safe Work Practices on all jobs, both routine and non routine. Devall Towing's goal of zero injuries remains our standards. 



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